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Specialize in Cria Shearing!

Shearing Services w/attention to detail!

Pricing: Shearing at your farm - $35 per Cria. If you have 4 or more, it is $30 per cria.

Set up fee of $25 for a 20 mile radius
$50 for a 21 to 50 mile radius

At this time I will not be shearing over a 50 mile radius or farms with more than 10 alpacas.
Call for Details: 216-407-0630

Service Description

Update! I will only be able to offer cria shearing this year (2017).

We cater to the smaller alapaca farms! I will shear your alpacas even if you only have two. I decided to take up shearing because I like our animals to look good and really enjoy shearing, especially crias! I will travel to your farm, or you can bring them to ours. I have actually decided to specialize in cria shearing as it is important to get those cria tips off of them so their fleece will process better and they will look alot nicer for the show ring! I shear on the ground using rope restraints for safety. Services are limited to farms local to us at this time.

Terms of Service

Shearing Day Tips!

- Have enough bags for each blanket ("1sts") & neck ("2nds") for each alpaca being shorn. "3rds" can be saved for projects like felting & rugs, used as mulch or added to the compost pile, (animal fiber is high in nitrogen!).

- Label the bags with each alpaca's name and indicate if the bag will contain 1sts or 2nds, or make cards with this info to go inside each bag of fleece.

- Label gallon sized freezer bags with each alpaca's name for fleece samples for fiber tests, anither to show to buyers.

- Plastic trash cans or storage totes will make it easier to get the fleeces into the bags.

- Have enough helpers on hand to: catch the alpacas and bring them to the shearing area; assist in restraining the alpaca for shearing; gathering the fleece; trimming feet & giving injections; etc.

- If injections are to be given on shearing day, have them ready to go.